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I solved Robert's Problem

I solved Robert's Problem - Richard Bogan

It was a cold night, and there was almost no traffic on the streets. I was under a blanket, sitting on the couch watching a horror movie. My wife had brought coffee for the both of us when suddenly, half-way through the film, the door bell rang. It was about midnight, so we were stunned for a moment. Anyhow I got out of the couch, put a jacket on and went towards the door. To my utter surprise it was Robert standing at the door.

Getting a little worried, I asked Robert if everything was alright and why he had dropped by so late at night. Robert said it was alright but that he was somewhat upset and wanted to have a talk with me. I invited him in and asked my wife to prepare a coffee for him too. I stopped the movie and started talking to Robert. He has been my friend for very long. Robert is a truck driver and also owns his truck too. I have remained in contact with him off-and-on for quite some time now.

I could see on his face that Robert was depressed. I asked him to tell me what happened. He took a deep breath and told me that he was facing severe losses in his business and couldn't handle more. He said that a few days prior when he went to dock for loading the goods onto his truck, the vehicle moved and a lot of electrical goods broke. Then again, on another day at the time of unloading, the truck was parked on a steep incline and then started moving down. As a result, a loader was injured. Robert had to pay the loader's medical expense. Because of these reasons he said that he was facing losses and needed a permanent solution.

I really felt for him and for the injured loader too so I told Robert about truck restraint systems. I was shocked to learn that Robert had no idea what I was talking about. I explained all the details and discussed the major functions and benefits of a truck restraint system. Also, I spoke about the truck foot stop and how emergency foot stops prevent trucks from from moving even an inch while loading or unloading. I remember Robert's face and how happy he was that evening when he left my home. Now he was very determined to install truck restraint system on his truck.

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My name is Richard Bogan and I am a real fan of urbanity. Everything related to construction, special events and innovative projects in the city interests me. Having known leadership and entrepreneurship at a very early age, I am thinking very hard about what I would like to develop. Welcome to my world!